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And it's here!  The winner is.........


These are what the judges have to say:

Round 4 Results

Beanjamish vs. Unknown-person & Tickity-Tock
Icymasamune: First of all I want to talk about the entries in general, and what they mean to the cannon of Burning Avalon. The stories of Huitzi and Mel got as far as they did for a lot of reasons, beyond just the artwork. Both of the entrants told complete stories that involved all of those participating in Burning Avalon as well as creating a complete mythology: because this was intended as a visual storytelling competition, that's EXACTLY what we were supposed to be looking for. In the end the assimilation of the various mythologies they encountered led both stories to the same ending point - a confrontation with the Nine and the possibility that Murdoc and his people deliberately set up the tournament to deal with this menace (Mortals saving creation, the mechanic of the coins simply served as a catalyst to get them moving). In both stories the two main heroes had to learn a lot of things about the virtues of humanity: sacrifice, compassion, and teamwork. In both stories they worked together to destroy the Nine and save the underworld.

In both stories, they also beat the system. Burning Avalon is more than just a tournament, it is a contract: Mel entered the contract as a means to defeat the Nine, and in both the Nine was defeated without the contract being fulfilled (or even able to, in one its outright stated that she IS the reincarnation of the Fasola head, and in the other it's implied). Murdoc is a creature of law, so being unable to fulfill his half of the contract means that the criteria is void - Gehena will have to go hungry.

In terms of the individual submissions, it's practically impossible for me to decide between the two: both ran into time constraints for their huge finale. And both told complete stories. Both submissions also had almost identical conclusions that integrated the full mythology of both challengers. In the end I had to read through both several times before I finally decided which one; and it's not a mechanical conclusion (in terms of technical stats I consider them both as identical as can be possible).

I actually chose Mel for one simple reason: The ending seemed somewhat more complete. Not that Huitzi's ending was incomplete, just that Mel's was a little more full.

The tipoff is very difficult in this case, and its really just a sliver of a difference, really I consider the end a tie.

clickmon:  Augh, this was a hard decision.  Both entries were amazing to read, full of action, heart, colour and drama, and were so similar story-wise!

U&T:  Lots of exposition and characterization between both opposing characters, and poor Winston!  He's noteling food, haha.  The action and pacing were smooth and flowing, though I found the transitions at some parts to be jumpy a bit though but easily overlooked because the delicious backgrounds and art.  I was extremely happy to see Akeyra in action and with Mel to defeat the big bad Nine but sadden to not see the consequence of summoning the music armada.  My only big issue was the ending.  I know you planned for an epilogue, but as it is now it feels cut off.  Ambiguity is a nice flair for normal chapters to build tension, suspense, intrigue and whatnot, but it's something not to expect from a finale after such a flashy climax.

Bean:  Again, like U&T (exposition and characterization) but much more!  The upbringing of the undead army was an addition that could've been left on the cutting floor but it really gave your entry much life and depth to the characters and BA world.  I really wanted to see your take of the backstory on the appearance of Kitsune's Sorrow and Anger munstahs but that would lead to another subplot and it wouldn't be called a cameo, haha.  I loved how you used colours so freely not only on backgrounds but on the characters themselves too.  It helped heighten the mood and atmosphere, and made it very immersive read.  The climax, to be honest, felt a little rushed and I couldn't stop thinking "THE POWER OF FRIENDSHIP!"  Though you joked about too, I don't feel that bad for saying, heh, but seeing the previous Petitioners again was a very nice treat for everyone.

Though each has their own flaws and few unfinished pages, it's really balanced out.  My pick goes to Bean as he has a well rounded round entry (with a few minor bumps) with more closure than the other.  It was really a close decision, but really, you both did wonderful in your entries and bringing the BA tournament figuratively and literally into an incredible conclusion.  Congratulations to the three of you.

Nytrinhia: Vote: Beanjamish
Overall, both entries were unpolished, but not so much that it really detracted from the story. I also really liked how both entries resolved their opponents storyline without detracting from their own, as well as keeping their opponents characters canon. Ha ha! And both of your uses of Spanish was awesome, a very well used solution to the translation problem. That said, let’s move on to the individual entries :3

Beanjamish – As always, you have not failed to surpass expectations in your story and your delivery. I loved your paneling work throughout and even though you had a selective palette for the most part due to time, you used it to your advantage and you did it well. Your story over all has remained consistent from beginning to end. I haven’t read the previous tourney Melody was in, but I really like the way you continued her story into this one. I’ve had such fun reading and watching her development from beginning to end. I especially enjoyed the way you illustrated the final moments of the battle where Nine gets trapped in the sixteen different soul coins.
Tickity and Unknown – Again, LOVE the way you draw! I will admit, I squeed when I saw Melody in your style. She’s so cute :3 And smiling chibi Nine is so cute :3 Great flow, I really enjoyed reading your story. I do have to say, I feel like there are a few ties left hanging. For instance, when Akreya helped Melody to summon her family to defeat the Nine, what was the price she had to pay? What’s the ultimate fate of Akrey and Huitzi? Is the Nine sealed, or was he just defeated and is Murdoc going to seal him? It’s just these few small questions that make me feel like I haven’t seen the whole story yet.

So, it was hard to choose, but in the end, I felt Bean had a more complete entry story-wise. But to be honest, you’re both winners with awesome entries! Congrats to both for coming this far, you’ve all done great work!

NerinokuKai:  WELLP, this here is the end, and as such....I'm going to spare you all from listening to a long sprawling rant about how much I loved both of these comics, and how it was such a hard decision and blah blah blah. Nope, not gonna do that. I'm just gonna flat out tell you who I picked, so HERE IT IS. Bean, my vote goes to you. You've done amazing once again through this entire tournament. Unknown and Tick, you two did great. I'm glad to see you two stuck to it until the very end, but while your comic was indeed great, Bean's had the advantage of being completed and on time.. So there it is, NO MONOLOGUE FOR YOU. HAW

Mr-Tea-and-Crumpets: Ahhh where to begin.

Both entries were freaking fantastic to the jabillionth degree. And it is going to be so very hard to determine which one bests the other, but I shall do my best here:


This was quite the feat you two! Being able to pump so much into one entry is just plain baffling. Characterization was top notch, the action was clean and well choreographed, and how well you two delved into the back stories of three individuals was fantastic. But what amazed me the most is how much we learned about everyone's favorite Aztec this time around. One thing I always noticed with Unknown's storytelling style was that he just loves teasing the reader/viewers with only very subtle hints about his character, Huitzi actually goes against this slightly by showing and revealing a lot more about his past. I suppose it makes sense, since we kinda know what was going to happen to him at the very beginning, but it made for a refreshing change of pace.

But what got me the most with this entry was the climax. Out of the two entries, Un/Tick's climax was a lot more breathtaking and satisfying. And what made it more so was that it was not even focused on their characters, but Bean's own Mel. It was a great end to her side of the story and wrapped things up very nicely like that. However the main problem with the entry is the ending: It was not as satisfying as the climax and seemed like it was cut off, like that final episode of Sopranos no one likes. When you give such a good climax, it is expected to give as good of an ending. As well, the sudden change to lineart shows that Un and Tick had a bit of trouble in the end. But even so, this was defiantly one entry I found to be overall fantastic, and could very well be the winner of this contest!

... But on the other hand, we have Beanjamish's entry.

This is a much more straightforward, at least at first, as it starts out with a huge battle between the two contestants. However after some backstory and such we find that the two have been CAPTURED by ZOMBIE BARBARIANS. Pretty awesome way to cut a fight off for a bit if I do say so myself. After some squabbling between the three(four if you count the parrot) fighters, things get a little hairy as they outsmart/beat the crap out of the zombie barbarians with the power of love and continue down their path to the final goal. In the end, however, it was Mel who finally got to the end, and despite the temptations put in front of her, refused the easy way of beating the big bad Nine and did it her own way. In true OCT fashion here, everyone's souls get together, seal the big bad up, and WIN OH YEAH. Great way to end a comic.

What I found awesome about the comic overall is that it felt much meatier than Unknown and Tick's entry. While theirs focused on only the necessities and was much slimmer, Bean's gave a lot more to the story and showed more awesome fight scenes against Zombie Barbarians. While this did seem a bit more like filler and could have easily be cut down for the sake of finishing it faster, Bean went the extra mile to give us some entertainment, which for a comic can be a good thing. Plus We got to see Akeyra's part of the story wrap up here, so that it did show some importance in the end. However the climax in this entry was not really as good as I hoped it would be. It felt... Kinda rushed, much like how Un/Tick's ending felt, and while it was great to see everyone come together, it left a lot more to be desired. However the ending felt a bit more complete, and the lil' plot twist at the end was a good line to end it at. Bravo, Bean!

However, in the end I gotta go with Beanjamish. At the end of his comic I felt just a little bit more satisfied than I did with Unknown and Tick's, even with the rushed climax. Even so, I was proud of all three of them. This was by far one of the best face-offs I have seen in a while, and it was defiantly something the OCT community needs more of!


Congratulations to Beanjamish, Unknown-Person and Tickity-Tock again for their amazing work.  And thank you all of BA's fallen but not forgotten Petitioners, you all helped build BA into the world it stands with your colourful characters, and a final thank you to the readers for supporting and rooting for these enduring artists!  A final round of applause!

Now you six bug people for your well earned prizes!


First place prizes:
- 12 month DA subscription from Icymasamune
- Traditional colour rendition of the winner and a full set of Burning Avalon playing cards from Chima
- Coloured commission of the first place character/team from conmandamned
- Coloured chibi comission of the first place winner from AndMaybeASoda
- Full colored digital commission of the first place character/team from Yokoboo
- A painting of the winner from Limely
- Colour commission of the first place winner done traditionally along with a corresponding set of chibis from Figgeryboo
- A short, humorous animation of the winning character from tribute27
- A painting of the first place character/team from ArtByZephra
Second place prizes:
- 6 month DA subscription from Icymasamune
- Lineart of the second place winner from Chima
- Lineart of the second place character/team from conmandamned
- Lineart of the second place character/team from Yokoboo
- A less elaborate painting of their OC from Limely
- Greyscale commission of second place winner along with a set of corresponding chibis from Figgeryboo
- A grayscale painting of the second place character/team from ArtByZephra
Third place prizes:
- Sketches for both third place winners from Chima
- Lineart chibis for both the third place characters/teams from conmandamned
- Sketches for both third place winners from Yokoboo
- A sketch for both winners from Limely!
- Lineart commission of third place winner along with a set of corresponding chibis from Figgeryboo
- A colored sketch for both third place winners from ArtByZephra


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Congrats Beanjamish. This was a great ride, speaking as a spectator who had none of the work to temper the enjoyment of reading. Look forward to whatever both finalists get into next!
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Congratulations to Beanjamish and also big props to Unknown and Tickity for giving us a great finale!

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